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Three Mouthpiece Styles For A Traditional Wooden Pipe

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Retail stores that specialize in smoking accessories typically have broad selections of pipes that may appeal to you. While you can browse pipes made of several materials and shaped like almost anything you can imagine, you might prefer the simplicity and timeless look of a wooden pipe. This style of pipe typically includes a carved wooden bowl and shank, but has a plastic mouthpiece. Generally, the mouthpiece will be removable, which can be ideal when you want to replace it. If you're shopping for a replacement mouthpiece for your wooden pipe, here are some options:


Mouthpieces for traditional wooden pipes can come in many different shapes and sizes, including some that are long. If you're accustomed to using a short mouthpiece and want to change things up for a while, give some thought to a long replacement mouthpiece. These are available in a variety of lengths, and can change your smoking experience. For example, because the bowl of the pipe will be farther away, you won't get as much smoke in your face. This may be favorable to some people, making a long mouthpiece fun to try.


Another alternative to a short mouthpiece is a curved one. Curved mouthpieces are sold in several lengths. A short, curved mouthpiece will change the angle of the pipe while you smoke it, while a long, curved model will have a major impact on your smoking experience and how you look while smoking the pipe. A mouthpiece that is long and curved will typically mean that you'll hold the bowl of the pipe closer to your chest than you would with a long, straight mouthpiece. Think of your preferred arm angle while smoking and choose your mouthpiece accordingly.

Flat Lip

In a pipe mouthpiece, the lip is the tip at the end that you hold in your mouth. Sometimes, this part of the mouthpiece is also called the button. Many pipes have round, bulbous lips. This design can be ideal if you want something in your mouth that is fairly easy to hold onto. This style of lip often has a large opening, which allows you to pull the smoke into your mouth with ease. If you're looking for something different, try a mouthpiece with a flat lip. It's less bulbous and may have a smaller opening. This can be ideal if you don't want to take in large amounts of smoke.