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3 Ways To Enjoy Tobacco

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If you enjoy tobacco, you probably primarily smoke cigarettes, since they're easily purchased at any convenience store. However, true tobacco connoisseurs will enjoy trying a variety of the tobacco products that are available on the market. Broadening your palate by experimenting with different options might help you find a new favorite. Here are three tobacco products you might enjoy:

1. Cigars

Cigars differ from cigarettes in a few key ways. There is more tobacco inside a cigar, which provides a richer and more flavorful smoking experience. The outer wrapping also differs. Cigarettes are traditionally wrapped in various types of paper, while cigars are wrapped in cured tobacco leaves. You can find cigars from all over the world, from Cuban cigars to those produced domestically. Before you smoke your first cigar, you should know that most cigar enthusiasts prefer not to inhale the smoke; inhaling is an option, but you may also choose to simply enjoy the flavor before blowing the smoke back out.

2. Hand-rolled Cigarettes

If you would like to smoke something more familiar while still trying something new, you can take advantage of loose tobacco. Loose tobacco is often fresher than the tobacco used to manufacture pre-rolled cigarettes. When you purchase it, it should be slightly damp and very fragrant. Rolling your own cigarettes requires a little bit of practice, but it can allow you to customize your smoking experience. You can select your own filter or roll filterless cigarettes if you prefer. You can even choose your own rolling paper; some smokers prefer standard bleached rolling papers, but others prefer specialty items such as hemp or rice paper.

3. Chewing Tobacco

If you're looking for a smokeless alternative, chewing tobacco might be the right choice for you. Chewing tobacco is held between your gum and cheek, which allows nicotine to slowly be released. Chewing tobacco is often flavored to make it more enjoyable. You can find chewing tobacco that has been lightly sweetened and even varieties with fruity flavors. It's an excellent choice for times when you would like to enjoy tobacco but cannot smoke for whatever reason.

If you're interested in trying any of these varieties of tobacco, you should make your way to your local smoke shop. They stock a wide selection of tobacco and smoking accessories so you can find exactly what you're looking for. Take the time to shop around and see if anything catches your eye. Exploring a well-stocked smoke shop can be a pleasure all its own.