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Why You Might Want To Try CBD Vape Pods

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CBD products continue to grow in popularity across the country. Today, it's possible to find CBD in oil, edible and vape pod form. But with that said, there are still a lot of misconceptions out there about using CBD products and how it compares with actually using marijuana. If you are interested in CBD vape pods, here's what you need to know:

CBD Usually Doesn't Get You High

CBD or Cannabididol is not the same as THC Tetrahydrdrocannabididol. THC is the ingredient in marijuana responsible for getting you high. CBD is the ingredient most often associated with making you feel relaxed. Both of these ingredients are typically included in marijuana but most CBD vape pods, sold legally, only contain cannabididol and do not have a high level of THC. To be clear, using CBD vape pods will trigger some changes in your body, but all of the side effects are generally viewed as pleasant and are not the same feeling as getting "high."

What Can CBD Do For Me Then?

We just mentioned that CBD can make you feel more relaxed or comfortable. For this reason, some people prefer to use CBD products as a sleeping aid. CBD is also good at reducing anxiety or bringing about a calming effect. If your muscles are sore, CBD has also been shown to help reduce joint or muscle pain.

Why Choose CBD Vape Pods?

CBD comes in many forms. You can take it as a pill, eat it in edible form, and inhale or vape it. But a pill or edible takes time to ingest because your stomach needs to break it down before it can enter your bloodstream. When you vape CBD instead, the substance enters your lungs directly and you will feel a much more immediate sensation out of it. A mistake some users of edibles make is to think that the CBD is not working because their stomach takes too long to break it down so they eat even more. But then it all finally kicks in and it turns out they've taken more than they wanted to. With vape pods, you'll be able to monitor the sensation much more accurately from the start so there are no problems later on.

CBD and THC are both associated with marijuana but it's possible to use CBD without getting high. Using CBD products is legal across the country as long as the product also does not contain a large amount of THC. Contact a vape pod supplier today to learn more.