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3 Tips for a Proper Cigar Cut

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There are many types of cigars, from Lancero to Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Robusto Maduro. Whatever cigar you choose, smoking one is both an art and an experience. Cigars are synonymous with prestige and the celebration of special events, which typically makes smoking a cigar an experience to be relished.

All smoking sessions start with the cutting of the cigar. Cutting helps to remove a small portion of the cap on the cigar so that air can easily move through the tobacco within. It's not difficult to cut a cigar, but poor cutting technique can ruin an expensive cigar.

Follow these tips to ensure you are doing it right the next time you want to enjoy a cigar.

1. Find the Right Mark

It's critical that you cut your cigar in the right location so that the structure of the cigar remains intact throughout your smoking session. An easy way to find your mark is by locating the shoulder of the cigar.

The shoulder is typically separated from the cap (the end of the cigar that you put into your mouth) by a faint seam. This seam is your mark when it comes to cutting. You will want to cut slightly above the seam to avoid cutting into the shoulder, as the wrapper can come unraveled during smoking if the cigar is cut below the shoulder.

2. Use the Right Tool

Another factor that will affect the quality of your cut when preparing a cigar is the tool you are using to do the cutting. The most popular cutting tool is a double-blade guillotine. This tool produces a straight cut that maximizes draw and promotes an even burn.

If you opt for a double-blade guillotine, be sure that you purchase one with a removable blade. This allows you to sharpen the blade often.

If you prefer a slow draw while smoking, you can utilize a cigar punch or piercer to make your cut. The right cutting tool will ensure you have a pleasant smoking experience.

3. Make a Decisive Cut

There is no benefit in a timid approach when it comes to cutting a cigar in preparation for a smoking session. A slow or hesitant cut has the potential to tear the wrapper, which can lead to your cigar splitting mid-smoke.

You want to cut quickly and with confidence using the cutting implement of your choice to create a clean and effortless separation. A decisive cut will set the stage for maximum flavor and structural stability when smoking any style of cigar.