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4 Great Smoking Products Found At Your Local Smoke Shop

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Smoking can be a relaxing hobby that can provide a reprieve from the stress of everyday life. The right equipment can make your smoking sessions even more pleasant. When you need shag tobacco, pipes, or pipe supplies for your hobby, take a trip to a smoke shop near you. Here are four smoking products that you can find at your local smoke shop.

1. Smoking Pipes

Many people enjoy cigarettes because they're portable and inexpensive. However, some smoking enthusiasts may want to expand their collection by investing in additional smoking paraphernalia. Smoking a pipe can be an indulgent experience. Many people find the act of packing and lighting a pipe meditative. Wooden pipes can be beautiful works of art that elevate your daily smoking routine. If you're interested in trying a pipe for the first time, pay a visit to your local smoke shop. Helpful sales representatives can show you the different sizes and styles of pipes that you might enjoy.

2. Water Pipes 

Some people with delicate lungs don't enjoy the harsh burn that traditional pipes offer. Water pipes can provide a mellow smoking experience. When you use a water pipe, smoke is drawn through a chamber full of water, which cools it. By the time the smoke reaches your mouth, it will be a pleasant temperature. You can find handheld water pipes and larger, free-standing water pipes in your local smoke shop. Water pipes are traditionally made of glass, but you can also find metal pipes.

3. Pipe Screens

Some people prefer to smoke hemp instead of tobacco. Hemp is more finely ground than pipe tobacco, which means it may be sucked through your pipe when you inhale. Pipe screens can prevent you from accidentally inhaling burning hemp. Pipe screens are carefully cut pieces of wire mesh that are small enough to fit into the bowl of your pipe. The use of pipe screens can also make it easier to clean your pipe.

4. Specialty Tobacco

Smoke shops carry smoking paraphernalia that can enhance your smoking experience. However, many smoke shops also carry specialty tobacco. While you can always find pre-rolled cigarettes in convenience stores, many smoking enthusiasts prefer the superior flavor of freshly cured tobacco. At a smoke shop, you can purchase shag tobacco that can be rolled into cigarettes. If you prefer, you can also purchase coarsely shredded pipe tobacco that can be packed into your favorite pipe.