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3 Reasons To Go With Glass When Buying A Hookah

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The hookah is becoming a popular tool among people who enjoy consuming flavored tobacco products. The smoke is passed through a water basin in the hookah before traveling down long hoses and inhaled by the user.

Hookahs can be made from a wide range of materials, but a glass hookah can offer the user some unique benefits. If you are in the market for a new hookah, here are three reasons why you should go with a glass model.

1. Aesthetics

A glass hookah offers the most versatility when it comes to visual aesthetics. Many advanced users like to customize their hookah. Customizations can include the use of lights, diffusers, and even fruit placed in the water reservoir.

A glass hookah makes the water reservoir visible to the user at all times. This means that your customizations will be on full display when you opt to invest in a glass hookah.

2. Taste

One of the major reasons the hookah is gaining popularity is the wide range of flavored tobacco products that can be paired with a hookah.

You have the option to select a fruity tobacco like strawberry or peach. You can also select a more earthy flavor, like coffee or spice. Specialty flavors are also available for use with a hookah. You may want to try blueberry muffin, apple streusel, or even pumpkin pie.

The last thing you want is the flavor of your product to be tainted in any way. Traditional hookahs are made from metal alloys that can transfer a slight metallic taste to the smoke you inhale.

A glass hookah has no metal components, which maintains the purity and intensity of the flavor of the smoke over time.

3. Maintenance

A hookah needs to be kept in good working condition in order to make a user's experience enjoyable. Glass hookahs are extremely low maintenance and don't require a lot of attention to remain functional.

You never have to worry about a glass hookah tarnishing or having a rubber seal fail when you own a glass hookah.

All of the components on a glass hookah are made from glass, ensuring a tight seal and keeping everything easy to clean. All you have to do is rinse the hookah is some hot water, and the pipe will be clean and fresh.

If you don't want to invest a lot of time and money into maintaining your hookah, a glass model is your best option. Contact a company like Lavoo Hookah to learn more.