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What To Look For In A Glass Rig

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If you smoke for recreation or therapeutic reasons, you probably already know that your method of choice is like a ritual. People often fall in love with a certain smoking device to the point that it becomes part of the experience. Glassware is a popular option among avid smokers for several reasons. If you're in the market for a new glass rig, read on. 

Why are glass rigs so amazing?

You should get to know the wonder and value of a finely crafted glass rig. Smoking out of a glass piece is a lot healthier than joints or blunts because you're not inhaling any additional burn materials. Glass rigs typically don't contain nicotine or any additives, and it allows you to truly taste and appreciate what you're smoking. This is why glass rigs are the go-to choice for true connoisseurs, to the point that many smokers have a personal collection. Each glass rig is essentially an art piece, as many are blown glass and truly one of a kind. They're crafted in so many creative shapes with different color schemes. It's not uncommon to name your glass rigs based on how they make you feel each smoke session, making it a more sacred experience. 

What type of glass rig are you looking for?

Now that you know more about the wonders of glass, you should start shopping around for a great fit for you. Some options that you might appreciate include glass bowls with a carb, one-hitters, water pipes, bubblers, beakers, percolators, straight tubes, and so many others. There are glass rigs that are a few feet tall and sit on the floor. Many shops specialize in custom glass rigs that they either make on a personal basis or roll out brand new one-of-a-kind rigs regularly. Test out a few options to see what jumps out at you. 

Have you found the best shop to do business with?

It's important that you find a shop that has quality options for you to purchase. When you shop around for glass rigs, make sure that you touch the glass and inspect it so that you know it's solid. Many shops will clean it for you before completing the sale so that you're getting it as good as new. Make sure to grab some cleaning solution to use regularly so that your glass rig stays clean and you can enjoy a hygienic, pleasant smoke.

Consider these tips and start shopping around for glass rig servicers, such as Tobacco Revolution.