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3 Ways To Enjoy Tobacco

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If you enjoy tobacco, you probably primarily smoke cigarettes, since they’re easily purchased at any convenience store. However, true tobacco connoisseurs will enjoy trying a variety of the tobacco products that are available on the market. Broadening your palate by experimenting with different options might help you find a new favorite. Here are three tobacco products you might enjoy: 1. Cigars Cigars differ from cigarettes in a few key ways. There is more tobacco inside a cigar, which provides a richer and more flavorful smoking experience. Read More»

Three Mouthpiece Styles For A Traditional Wooden Pipe

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Retail stores that specialize in smoking accessories typically have broad selections of pipes that may appeal to you. While you can browse pipes made of several materials and shaped like almost anything you can imagine, you might prefer the simplicity and timeless look of a wooden pipe. This style of pipe typically includes a carved wooden bowl and shank, but has a plastic mouthpiece. Generally, the mouthpiece will be removable, which can be ideal when you want to replace it. Read More»